Well, Hello There, Oksana Sokolova!

Genre: comedy
Production director: Kirill Vasiliev

Genre: comedy
Screenwriters: Kirill Vasiliev feat. Yuri Kasimtsev
Director: Kirill Vasiliev
Director of photography: Aleksey Shubakov
Art Director: Ekaterina Yudaeva
Producers: Pavel Popov, Andrey Rydanov
Co-producers: Anna Kagarlitskaya, Sergey Kozlov
General Producer: Igor Tolstunov
Duration: 100 min

Iliya «Nagan» Popov – Viktor Dobronravov
Oksana Sokolova – Valentina Mazunina
Doctor – Sergey Burunov
Kirill – Boris Dergachev
Gleb – Aleksey Bazanov
Producer of Radio station – Alexander Stefantsov
Directoe of Radio station – Nikolay Shrayber
Sound producer of Radio station – Aleksey Medvedev
Police officer – Sergey Lavygin
Irakliy – Igor Gasparian

A might-have-been actor Ilya is into luck at last – tomorrow his voice will be heard on air at the ‘Muzhskoe radio’ radio station [Men’s Radio]. One can’t help celebrating such an occasion! But in the morning a newly-qualified showmaster can’t say a word – his voice is fully lost after the wild party. Half an hour till the air, prime time, the contract is signed. Ilya is in a full panic mode… The only solution is an injection into the vocal cords. Only this, the doctor says, may save the situation. Now the showmaster is by the microphone, everything is ready for the air, final countdown and Ilya greets the audience… with female voice! The young man, being a hostage of a ridiculous situation, stops at noting to get his voice back and not to miss the boat.