Genre: drama
Production director: Pavel Chukhray

Director of photography: Vladimir Klimov

General producer: Igor Tolstunov

Cast: Vladimir Mashkov, Ekaterina Rednikova, Misha Filipchuk, Amaliya Mordvinova and others.

Produced by: NTV-PROFIT, ROISSY FILMS (France), Productions Le Pont (France). With the participation of: The state Committee for cinematography, The National Centre Of Cinematography France, Canal+ (France)


1997: «NIKA» – «The best feature film» (Igor Tolstunov), «The best direction» (Pavel Chukhray), «The best women's role» (Ekaterina Rednikova), «The best man`s rol» (Vladimir Mashkov), «The best music»
1997: Venice International Film Festival – Special prize «Senat Golden medal» of Italian Republic, Prize UNICEF
1997: Nominated Oscar – Best Foreign Language Film
1997: Nominated Golden Globe – Best Foreign Language Film


The action takes place in post-war time and in present days. The film's protagonist is child, then a grown-up man and soldier. In 1952, Sanya, aged six, and his mother Katerina ride on the train. Their casual companion, military officer named Anatoly (Tolyan), charms both Katerina and Sanya. Katerina and Anatoly decide to stay together. Strong and good-natured, Anatoly almost replaces the fatherless Sanya'a dad. He teaches the boy to stand up for himself and to be ‘a real man’. Tolyan’s concept of masculinity and his rules of life, though, are those of the jail. And soon it becomes clear that Tolyan is not a demobilized officer but a professional thief. From now on, love and loathing, hatred and attachment to this no doubt charming and completely immoral man begin to tear the little boy’s heart apart...