The Recluse

Genre: detective
Production director: Egor Konchalovsky

Written by: Maksim Stishov, based on the novel “Fanatic” by M. Stishov
Director of Photography: Mikhail Agranovich
Production Designer: Viktor Yushin
Sound Producer: Roland Kazaryan
Music by: Maksim Fadeev
Costume Designer: Irina Ginno
Film Editor: Olga Grinshpun
Producers: Igor Tolstunov, Mikhail Zilberman

Produced by: NTV-PROFIT feat. PS Cinema

Cast: Amaliya Mordvinova, Aleksandr Baluev, Dmitriy Maryanov, Ivan Bortnik


Works of the well-known writer Konstantin Streletsky are mysterious. Dozen of his detective novels become best-sellers and invade bookshops, his stories are being willingly translated into foreign languages. But the writer is even more mysterious, than the created characters of his books. He is lonely and inapproachable. Almost nothing is known about his private life. He lives like a recluse in his country manor and even his own literary agent cannot always enter there. For quite some time the famous writer hasn’t been using the services of his personal driver, now he doesn't even let anyone in his car.

Konstantin Streletsky did his best to protect himself from the curiosity of strangers, forgetting one important rule which every detective writer should be familiar with. The more mysterious the plot is, the more exiting it is to read the novel up to the end. It is a well known fact that detective novels are most willingly read by young girls of an adventurous mind, who follow their active curiosity with pleasure.

Anna Skorokhodova, a student of the philological faculty, finds Streletsky extremely attractive. Not only she devoted her term project to him but also she seeks a way to get into his private life. The charming student nevertheless manages to get acquainted with her idol at the annual press conference that the writer arranges. The girl, who also takes pleasure in journalistic activity, starts her own investigation. Risking her life, Anna manages to find out that Konstantin Streletsky isn't so lonely after all...