The Mother

Genre: drama
Production director: Denis Yevstigneyev

Written by: Arif Aliyev
Director of Photography: Pavel Lebeshev , Sergey Kozlov
Production Designer: Vladimir Aronin
Music by: Eduard Artemev
Music Arranger: Yuri Saulsky
Film Editor: Natalya Kucherenko
Costume Designer: Pavel Kaplevich
Sound Producer: Yekaterina Popova-Evans
Script Editor: Anna Kagarlitskaya
Executive Producer: Erik Waisberg
Producers: Igor Tolstunov, Denis Yevstigneyev, Konstantin Ernst

Produced by: NTV-PROFIT, Studio “Russian project”, ORT

Cast: Nonna Mordyukova , Oleg Menshikov , Vladimir Mashkov , Yevgeny Mironov , Aleksey Kravchenko , Mikhail Krylov


The eldest of five Yuryev brothers is a bit more than 30 years old; he has spent fifteen years of his life in a mental hospital. The juniors also did their time in special schools or in prison camps. They also happened to become brothers in crime which incited and committed their own mother.

These people became the notorious terrorists of the Soviet Union fifteen years prior to their meeting at the beginning of the film. The children's musical ensemble «Merry family» pictured on posters with the proud inscription «headed by mother» managed to bring on the plane weapons in cases of their musical instruments. As if they were playing some horrible game, ruthless and circumspect, but at the same time naive and reckless. They paid too dear a price for an attempt to skyjack the plane, including life of their own brother.

After having served the longest term of sentence of that time, mother whose name was Polina at once gets down to business she was planning to do, probably, for all these years. She wants to gather her four sons so they could rescue the fifth one out of the mental hospital and go home to the Siberian town Shuya. In the end Polina achieves her purpose against all odds and gains something she’d almost lost hope to get, the forgiveness and love of her boys.