The Admirer

Genre: suspenser
Production director: Nikolay Lebedev

Written by: Nikolay Lebedev feat. Olga Nagdaseva
Director of Photography: Sergei Machilsky
Production Designer: Alim Matvejchuk
Music by: Mikhail Smirnov
Costume Designer: Aleksandr Osipov
Film Editor: Alla Strelnikova
Executive producer: Yevgeni Golynsky
Producers: Igor Tolstunov, Valeriy Todorovskiy, Sergey Kozlov

Produced by: NTV-PROFIT feat. “Racoon-cinema”

Cast: Marina Cherepukhina, Elena Safonova, Sergey Garmash, Sergey Garmash, Nina Usatova, Svetlana Toma, Mikhail Krylov, Sasha Gladkova, Sasha Gladkova, Anton Kolesnikov


«Never talk to strangers …», - says an author of a wise book who knew precisely that God works in mysterious ways more often than we know.

«Fire is a good servant but a bad master!», - warn us posters and ads.

«Don’t push your luck…», - wise mothers teach their growing up children.

But if you do not trust adults, if your own parents seem more helpless than you do, then you have to learn the divine justice and gain wisdom from books and posters on your own. It becomes clear that what goes around comes around. That the «maniacs in dark alleys» exist not only in popular songs. That life is simpler and more ruthless, than girls are imaging it to be. And there is no such thing as a free lunch and you have to pay the whole price like an adult...

The father of 13-year old Lena left her mother for a young mistress. Lena believes that her farther betrayed them. She decides to show him how perfectly fine they live together with her mother without him.

But the truth is that her mother, whom she simply calls Sashenka, isn’t fine at all. She isn't capable of anything but mourning her hard luck. However Lena strives against fate vigorously. Using all her ingenuity and charm, Lena gets a job as a mail carrier during unsociable hours.

In the post office people talk only about a serial killer who keeps in awe all the district area of the town. One evening some hooligans attacked the young post carrier, but a mysterious stranger, whose face Lena couldn’t make out, rescued her. Lena is ready to believe and to brag around that she is being protected by that awful maniac. Soon enough her boast words become true. Lena set her heart to make the dangerous protector an instrument in her hands, but she doesn't suspect that she can fall a victim instead …