Dying is easy

Genre: thriller
Production director: Aleksandr Khvan

Written by: Ivan Biryukov feat. Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Grigori Ryazhsky
Director of Photography: Anatoli Susekov
Production Designer: Grigori Shirokov
Music by: Andrey Eshpay
Sound Producer: Vadim Nabatnikov
Film Editor: Albina Antipenko
Script Editor: Anna Kagarlitskaya
Costume Designer: Yevgeniya Charvonskaya
Makeup Artist:Larisa Avdyushko
Production Maneger: Marina Kapustina
Soundtrack to the film: music by César Franck
Producers: Igor Tolstunov, Sergey Kozlov, Grigori Ryazhsky

Produced by: NTV-PROFIT feat. “Patmos-Media”

Cast: Polina Kutepova, Aleksandr Lazarev Jr., Georgi Taratorkin, Svetlana Bragarnik, Aleksandr Tyunin, Valentina Titova, Yelena Shevchenko, Armands Neilands


No one likes being watched through a window of the opposite house, especially, being photographed! It can enrage anybody, even such an amicable girl as Lisa. And it’s a small wonder that she came into the mansard of the impudent stalker with an extendable baton in her hands. She didn´t have a chance to use it though: instead she had to save this guy´s from the suicide, moreover both to console, and to tell that she likes him. And the most amazing thing is that she wasn´t lying… At that moment they didn't know that some kind of a lethal weapon came into play. It was like that extendable baton that Lisa had when she ran into this mansard: it had a bouncing power and in strong hands it could kill in no time. Their love became this weapon.

… His name was Ilya and he had nobody to love. Having lived more than thirty years, he couldn’t meet the woman who would understand and take pity on him. In childhood something happened to Ilya; he tried to forget it, but those things have left its mark on him. Ilya has been living absolutely alone in his mansard, trying to repair a weapon without elaborating how to use it. And his only passion was a ghost; the image of the unknown woman in an old-fashioned film projector which he was watching every day. But one day Ilya fell in love with an unfamiliar girl from the opposite house. She was fragile, thoughtful and painfully desirable. Unable to stand this pain and noninvolvement in her life, Ilya decided to commit suicide. However by some quirk of fate this girl rescued him. She fell in love with him, having caught his feelings. Ilya is logical and consecutive in his madness; he acts under the laws of another nor-ordinary and irrational life. Though, in his opinion he is being reasonable: “Nobody dares to offend Lisa”. And the one who does must die. Ilya decided to do something that nobody could have done for her, to rid her world of people who did her wrong. He killed them …


1999: TheRussian National Film Critics and Press “Golden Aries” Award in a category “Best actress” (Polina Kutepova)

Participation in festivals

1999: The Russian Film Festival "Window to Europe" in Vyborg (comp)