24 hours

Genre: criminal / drama
Production director: Aleksandr Atanesyan

Written by: Natalya Koretskaya
Director of Photography: Aleksei Rodionov, Masha Solovyova
Production Designer: Viktor Petrov
Costume Designers: Aleksei Grekov, Natalya Moneva
Makeup Artist: Irina Sarkisova
Music by: Pavel Zhagun
Sound Producers: Aleksandr Neiman, Vladimir Kaplan
Film Editor: Olga Grinshpun
Script Editor: Irina Yashina
Executive Producer: Tamara Fataliyeva
Producer: Yevgeni Gindilis
General Producer: Igor Tolstunov

Produced by: NTV-PROFIT together with Media-Park

Cast: Maksim Sukhanov, Tatyana Samoylova, Igor Starygin, Georgi Taratorkin, Natalya Rogozhkina, Vladimir Eryomin, Dmitry Mukhamadeyev, Aleksandr Atanesyan, Aleksandr Tyutin, David Tetruashvili, Andrey Chernyshov, Aleksandr Naumov, Yuri Sysoyev, Aleksandr Babalushevich, Yuri Petrov, Mikhail Petrovsky, Irina Dmitrakova


They have everything that they could wish for. Almost. Money, comfort, connections and power. Everything, except confidence in their future. At any time each of them may end up in the crosshairs. At any point the car can blow up and an explosive device can go off right after a friend called on the mobile phone. At any moment each of them can get involved in a deadly chase without a right to choose whether to be a hunter or a game, or become both at the same time.

…A professional hitman Felix, whose nickname is Diamond, disobeyed a warning and executes an expensive order. Somebody, who was named as the Oilman by the contractor, is killed unwitnessed in a populous place in broad daylight. Felix understood at once that the warning was significant and can't be neglected. Diamond doesn’t stay in prison for a long time; he manages to escapee from his one-man cell together with the security guard.

But the professional hitman knows:

They shall never forgive him what happened with the Oilman.

From the moment he broke out of prison, the chase begins. Felix has only 24 hours to reach his cherished goal, an out island where his beloved woman and the money he received for the last order wait for him. Only 24 hours are given to Shalamov brothers to find and kill Felix. The elder brother, Lev Shalamov, understands perfectly that after this mission they may never return to the cozy country house where their mother is sitting in a shadow, talking about jam that was left on a lacy table cloth. Nearly 24 hours later all of them end up in a country house, but they are invited to the table at the point of a gun …


2000: VIII "Window to Europe" Russian Film Festival - People's Choice Award
2000: The Russian National Film Critics and Press Award “Golden Aries” - “Best film debut”


2000: XI Open Russian film Festival “Kinotavr” – Capital prize “Golden Rose”

Participation in festivals

2000: XI Film actor festival “Sozvezdie”, Arkhangelsk
2000: XXX Kiev International Film Festival “Molodist” (Kiev, Ukraine)