Let’s make love

Genre: teen comedy
Production director: Denis Yevstigneyev

Written by: Arif Aliyev
Director of Photography: Igor Klebanov, R.G.C
Production Designer: Vladimir Aronin
Costume Designer: Tamara Vladimirtseva
Sound Producer: Yekaterina Popova-Evans
Music by: Dmitri Atovmyan
Film Editor: Vera Kruglova
Executive Producers: Erik Waisberg, Lyudmila Zakharova
General Producers: Aleksandr Atanesyan, Igor Tolstunov

Produced by: Autonomous Non-Commercial Organisation “ANGEL-FILM”, 2001

Cast: Kirill Malov, Andrei Novikov, Evgeniy Tsyganov, Ulyana Lukina, Yeva Kolomiyets, Antonina Komissarova, Olga Levkova, Galina Solodovnikova, Tatyana Prikhodko, Evgeniy Knyazev, Anastasia Tsvetayeva, Eduard Gimpel

Synopsis: … At seventeen years old everyone speaks and thinks about sex. But in fact they are waiting for love. First love, great and true one. At seventeen people send love letters by e-mail and suffer when they accidently get into spam. Guys fall in love with a voice of a stranger and steal beloved ex girlfriends from their own weddings. It happens that seventeen-year olds «are completely out of luck», and girls avoid guys because they consider themselves uninteresting and "not sexual". But the first love comes and engulfs them so unexpectedly and inevitably, just like their age-mates of many generations.... Igor Tyulenev by the nickname “Seal” is a first year student. There is a lot going on around him: his friends fall in love, break up, getting married. Their life is full of light pleasures and true drama. However Seal can’t get lucky