The Russian Rebellion

Genre: historical drama
Production director: Alexander Proshkin

Written by: Galina Arbuzova, Stanislav Govorukhin, Vladimir Zheleznikov
Director of Photography: Sergei Yurizditsky
Production Designers: Aleksandr Tolkachyov, Vladimir Yermakov
Music by: Vladimir Martynov
Sound Producers: Aleksandr Khasin, Yuri Reinbah
Film Editor: Tatyana Yegorycheva
Makeup Artists: Galina Korolyova, Natalia Gorina
Script Editor: Anna Kagarlitskaya
Executive Producer: Vitaly Koshman
General Producer: Igor Tolstunov
Producer: Mikhail Zilberman

Produced by: NTV-PROFIT together with the authorities of the Orenburg Region, ROISSY FILMS, PRODUCTIONS LE PONT, Film company “Globus”, supported by the State Cinema Committee of the Russian Federation

Cast: Mateusz Damiecki, Karolina Gruszka, Vladimir Mashkov, Sergey Makovetskiy, Vladimir Ilin, Yury Belyayev, Natalya Yegorova, Yuriy Kuznetsov, Olga Antonova, Juozas Budraitis, Mikhail Filippov, Pyotr Zaychenko, Andrei Dudarenko, Kseniya Gromova, Konstantin Yushkevich, Konstantin Yushkevich, Mariya Mironova, Aleksandr Vershinin, Zoya Buryak, Aleksei Zubarev, Juris Strenga, Aleksandr Ilin, Vladimir Litvinov, Irina Sabanova, Ernst Romanov


Pyotr Andreyich Grinyov was only sixteen years old when he found the answer to the most important question in his life. The rebelled Cossack and the commander of a many thousands army demanded Grinev, the imperial officer, to take an oath and be loyal to him; but not so long time ago Grinev wasn't even called Pyotr Andriyovych. They called him Petrusha and asked him in detail what would he order for dinner and desert. Nobody asked to develop his personality and moral qualities. From time to time lessons with his French tutor were coming down to the point where Petrusha himself were teaching grammar the most pretty servant maids during a break between other more fascinating occupations. Some months prior to the rebellion nobody taught Petrusha Grinev firmness, fidelity in love or any other life wisdom. The parting word of his father was extremely short: «Swear an oath and serve faithfully». Some months prior to Grinev´s meeting with Pugachev nobody told him that the Russian rebellion is the greatest nonsense, and the only way to stay loyal and, if you´re lucky enough, alive is to keep a clear conscience and to save your beloved one. The sixteen-year old Pyotr Andriyovych Grinev, full of youthful, purity and spontaneity, understood that with all his heart which was natural for someone of his age. It was his contemporaries who survived the rebellion, intrigues, cruelty and immorality of the absolute power; they were the predecessors of the unique Pushkin generation.

Some months prior to rebellion Masha Mironova thought that the biggest danger is to come off the sled while horses are running at full tilt down the hill where was situated a small, completely not aggressive, fortress under command of her father. And she considered that the most distant trip was an annual trip to the market several miles away from the house, that day is usually full of events. Some days a disranked capital officer called Shvabrin would frighten her with his passionate love expressions and show of affection. Sometimes she would meet the Harlovs happy family: young beautiful parents with a charming kid. And then she would invite them to her house where together with her mother they would sing their favorite song. And the whole day she would catch hot glances of a young officer Grinev, blushing in anticipation of happiness. If someone show Masha her near future, she would be terrified to know what soon was going to happen. The murder of her parents, separation from the beloved one, being captured by hated Shvabrin who has gone mad with passion. Harlov's death and the humiliation of his wife who became a concubine of the illiterate Cossack in order to save her son. And inexpressible despair of this woman who after all lost not only her husband, but her son too. Having survived the ruthless Russian rebellion with its victims, Masha would have never believed that she´d find the inner power to go St. Petersburg and face the empress. That the elegant woman in sled train excited with her winter walk didn´t push away the young provincial girl and accepted her petition for mercy. This coincided with another royal love affair, so Masha´s love touched the empress´s heart and soon enough Masha´s groom received the pardon. She rescued Grinev just in time as he could have died on the scaffold with traitor Shvabrin who gave an animal shout of despair at the end.

Some months prior to the rebellion the future «emperor Peter III» was called Yemelyan Pugachev and had to be thankful for the hareskin coat with red woolen cloth that the young master gave him. He was extremely talented in attraction the audience to himself and impressing the crowd with some effective tricks. For example, he could walk naked after having a bath just to show everyone the scrofulous marks on his bare chest, claiming that these were the «imperial signs». And trying to pass off a spot on his head as an image of the imperial eagle. The more people would get together around him in that huge and rich region (that they soon left ruined), the more he was getting carried away with the idea of the rebellion, although he’d never saw any point in it. Perhaps his last performance was the least of his thoughts at that time. Standing in chains in front of the crowd in the square in the Kremlin, he told the imperial general: «It was a God's will to punish Russia through my actions». It was a God's will that the murderous, senseless and ruthless Russian rebellion swept over the great territory, which almost hasn’t changed since then, including numerous towns and people, whose lives it destroyed.