Genre: drama
Production director: Vladimir Mashkov

Screen writers: Vladimir Mashkov, Iliya Rubinstein

Director of photography: Oleg Dobronravov

General producers: Igor Tolstunov, Vladimir Mashkov

Cast: Vladimir Mashkov, Egor Beroev, Andrey Rozendent, Sergey Dreiden, Kseniya Lavrova-Glinka, Olga Krasko, Olga Miroshnikova, Anatoliy Vasiliev, Andrey Kuzichev, Andrey Smolyakov, Sergey Krilov and others


2004 – Moscow International Cinema Festival:

Audience Choice Award

Nominated on «Best film award» – Golden «Saint George»


Storekeeper Abram Schwartz believes that his son David will make it in life and leave Tulchin, a one-horse town lost somewhere in the Pale of Settlement. In Tulchin, everyone’s dream is to leave for Moscow in order to escape from boredom and misery. Abram forces David to many hours of violin exercise every day, he beats his son into hating the hopelessness and boredom of Tulchin, but in the end he will see David playing on a big stage. He will watch his son achieving a success he stopped dreaming about long ago. David Schwartz wants to play on a big stage, too. But he wants also to forget forever the sound of trains speeding by Tulchin, the sound which he listened to all his childhood. He wants to convince himself and his friends that the past is gone forever. And what he needs least of all in his new life is the old Abram Schwartz whose pathetic stupidity could ruin David’s beginning splendid career. But there is no Promised Land in this world, and success does not bring happiness if forgetting one’s own past is the price of it. Real happiness is only possible with those who love you ...