A driver for Vera

Genre: drama
Production director: Pavel Chukhray

Screen writer: Pavel Chukhray

Director of photography: Igor Klebanov

General producers: Igor Tolstunov, Aleksandr Rodnyansky

Cast: Alena Babenko, Igor Petrenko, Bogdan Stupka, Andrey Panin, Marina Golub and others.


2004: XV Cinema Festival in Sochi «Kinotavr» – main award «Golden rose»; Russian Producer guild prize for the best producer project of the year (Award for the film went to Igor Tolstunov & Alexander Rodnianskiy); prize «The best direction»
2004: XII Russian film festival, Honfleur – Grand-Prix; «The best women's role» (Alena Babenko); «The best man`s rol» (Bogdan Stupka)
2005: «Golden Eagle» – «The best women's role» (Alena Babenko); «The best man`s rol» (Bogdan Stupka)
2005: «NIKA» – «The opening of the year» (Alena Babenko); «The best production designer implementation; «The best music»


USSR, back in the sixties ... Sergeant Victor is young, good-looking, and his credo is simple and pragmatic. He would do anything to achieve his goal in life - a career. So far, luck helps him: an army general takes him, a cadet from the Kremlin Guard, to work as his personal driver. General Serov expects to marry Victor to his hapless daughter Vera. Vera is lame. But even this is OK with Victor who is ready to marry the daughter of a general to get a chance to make it "into the higher realms". Vera, who falls in love easily, does not notice the cold calculation on his part, becomes attached to him, starts making family plans. Taking care of Vera all the time, Victor himself changes her attitude toward her. Compassion, tenderness, and hope for the future well-being overwhelm him.

In the finale, when Victor is on the verge of a rapid military career, he unexpectedly sacrifices everything. He risks his life saving someone else's child and takes the responsibility for his fate ...