The Soldier’s Decameron

Genre: dramedy
Production director: Andrei Proshkin

Written by: Gennadi Ostrovsky
Director of Photography: Yury Raysky
Production Designer: Igor Morozov
Script Editor: Irina Yashina
General Producers: Igor Tolstunov, Aleksandr Rodnyanskiy
Producer: Sergey Kozlov

Produced by: PROTEL Ltd

Cast: Mikhail Porechenkov, Yuliya Vysotskaya, Irina Rakhmanova, Aleksei Shevchenkov, Maria Zvonareva, Daria Ekamasova, Viktor Solovyov, Igor Teplov, Aleksandr Yatsenko, Elena Lyadova


In a small provincial military unit under command of the colonel Lukin life was running its course up to a certain time. The former cadet Borya Kulshan has been having love affairs with daughters of the colonel, who is suspecting nothing. However, girls don’t know about each other either. While Natasha entered the institute, Borja started to date with her elder sister Marina. But Natasha’s returned, and now Borja is having a tough time. While girls are inquiring Kulshan, a demobee, Gena Savitsky, who is being in love with Vera, a wife of the lieutenant Panteleev, is bringing her secretly flowers at night. However, Vera doesn't know about love of the soldier, thinking that her husband leaves her flowers.

Soon enough the habitual life went head over heels: soldier Haitov committed suicide over telephone girl Raya, and now there is… a ghost in the military unit. People go panicky thinking that it is a spirit of a suicide. Frightening soldiers and officers, it appears in the most unexpected places; the ghost literally keeps at bay all to the district. An ordinary first soldier Oskin, Gena Savitsky and Borya Kulshan get an order to catch Haitov.


2006: The Golden Eagle Award – “Best supporting actor” (M. Porechenkov), “Best film music”