Genre: melodrama
Production director: Oksana Bichkova

Screen writers: Nana Grinstein, Oksana Bichkova

Director of photography: Ivan Gudkov

General producers: Igor Tolstunov, Elena Glikman

Cast: Eugeniy Tsiganov, Ekaterina Fedulova, Alexey Barabash, Natalia Reva, Irina Rakhmanova, Vladimir Mashkov and others


2007 – «MTV-Russia» Movie Awards – The winner – «Best Actress» (Ekaterina Fedulova), «Best soundtrack» («Out of the coverage (City 312)»

Nominated on – «Best Film», «Best comedy part» (Vladimir Mashkov), «Brekthrough of the Year» (Ekaterina Fedulova), «Best Actor» (Evgeniy Tsiganov)


Masha is a DJ on a popular St Petersburg Radio, Maxim is a young architect. Masha is preparing for her wedding with a former classmate Kostya, while Maxim has won an international competition and got a job offer in Germany. But they both doubt. Maxim is held in Petersburg by his love to a girl who left him, and Masha feels that her fiancé Kostya is not the one she needs.

Who knows what would become of their lives, were it not for the happenstance: Masha loses her mobile phone, and Maxim finds it...

This story could only happen in a big city, which makes people meet and part by chance in its streets. This is a lyrical story about two young people who have to decide what is really important to each of them. A 'phone affair' begins between Masha and Maxim, and they give each other understanding and warmth which help them find the right solution to their problems. The choice is made. And now, it would seem, nothing prevents Masha and Maxim from meeting each other...