Genre: drama
Production director: Vera Storojeva

Screen writers: A. Krasilshikov

Director of photography: Oleg Lukichev

General producers: IgorTolstunov, S. Eremeeva

Cast: K.Kutepova, D. Dujev, A. Mikhalkova, M. Yefremov and others


2007: «Saint George» – the main award of XXIX International Moscow Cinema Fest


But she cannot imagine a different life, either. Until one day he dies. Having buried her husband, Natalia learns to live on her own, trying to figure out who she is and what she wants to be happy. She gets company: Koschey the dog, Bertha the goat, a color TV and Sergei the driver, who begins to court her. Little by little her soul wakes up to awareness of herself and her actions. Natalia longs for love – but it is not a love to a man. Intuitively, she chooses not a man but her Self, a personality whose full self-actualization lies ahead yet. This, however, does not mean Natalia needs no love. In fact, she needs a different kind of love. And so she embarks on a journey with her animals: she sets out to seek the true love that will change her life and give it a meaning.