Genre: drama
Production director: Alexander Kott

Duration: 95 min
Written and directed by: Alexander Kott
Camera: Levan Kapanadze
Art director: Eduard Galkin
Music: Alexey Aygee
Sound producer: Filipp Lamshin
Editing: Karolina Machievska
Co-producers: Sergey Kozlov Anna Kagarlitskaya
Producer: Igor Tolstunov

Produced by: PROFIT Ltd. with the support of Federal funding of social and economic support for the national film

Father and daughter live in the steppe. And nothing can change this timeless pattern of life. There’s always tomorrow. Every morning father leaves home for work, and she stays alone. Waiting and feeling. Two people love her. And she loves them both. Love can´t be divided. One day the solution comes. From the place, where the sun is.



  • Russian Guild of Film Critics Prize (Moscow, Russia) – Best Composer (Alexey Aigee);
  • Paris International Environmental Film Festival (Paris, France) – Best feature film.
  • Marbella International Russian Film Festival (Marbella, Spain) - Best feature film, Best Original Music, Best main actress


  • XXV Open Russian film Festival “Kinotavr” (Sochi, Russia) – Grand-Prix; Russian Guild of Film Critics Prize; Best Camerawork;
  • X Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema (Kazan, Russia) – Best Camerawork
  • 7th All Russian festival of film actors and directors “Golden Phoenix” (Smolensk, Russia) – Best screenplay
  • Open Film Festival of CIS and Baltic countries Kinoshock (Anapa, Russia) – Best Original Music (Alexey Aigee);
  • 51-th international film festival "Golden orange" (Antalya, Turkey) –Grand-Prix of International Jury;
  • International Film Festival DIDOR (Dushanbe) – Grand-Prix;
  • Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) - Honorary Award; Audience Award;
  • Abu-Dhabi Film Festival (Abu-Dhabi, Arab Emirates) – Special Jury Prize;
  • The FilmFestival Cottbus – Festival of Eastern European Cinema (Cottbus, Germany) - Best Directing;
  • VIII Russian Film Festival “Sputnik” (Warsaw, Poland) – Special Jury Prize;
  • XXII Honfleur Russian Film Festival (Honfleur, France) – Jury honorable mention;
  • XX International Film Festival “Stalker” (Moscow, Russia) – Grand-Prix;
  • XI International Charity Festival “Luchangela” (Moscow, Russia) – Grand-Prix.